About Arricci

Arricci’s designs draw inspiration from the needs of the modern woman on-the-go. Style and originality is our signature—with beautiful detailing, unique finishes and impeccable materials used to elevate classic shapes and silhouettes.

Our carefully considered aesthetic uses luxe leathers and chic cuts to update boots and heels, resulting in timeless wardrobe classics that cater to a busy, creative lifestyle.

With a nod to the past and an eye towards the future, Arricci creates wearable, fashion-forward looks that are distinctive and classic.


Arricci is a playful take on the Italian word for “curl.” At Arricci, we believe that life shouldn’t be a straight line. The twists and turns in life are what define us as people.

We feel the same way about style. That’s why we infuse our designs with modern twists and unique curves. We’re carving a new path in fashion—one that celebrates individuality and appeals to women who are proud to be different: the risk-takers who want to stand out and be heard.


Arricci began as the passion project of shoe industry professional, Catherine Arrigotti. She felt there was something missing from the women’s footwear market and made it her mission to create effortlessly chic, wearable designs that were timeless enough to last season-after-season and distinct enough to add an edge to any outfit.

With a focus on high quality materials and a love for the art of shoe making, Catherine works with naturally soft, luxe leathers and combines them with on-trend hardware and other embellishments. This blend of natural elements, innovative technology and flawless execution is what sets Arricci apart and makes it the epitome of timeless chic.