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Arricci Designer and Creative Director just returned from Miami, for our first travel installment on the blog, we take a look at her favorite spots!

In all my travels I have found a multitude of things that motivate me and inspire me to do more with my life. With my recent trip to Miami, Florida I found a few gems to share with you which especially captured my attention!


A stay at the Edition Hotel, is both inspiring and revitalizing. Designed by Ian Schrager, the hotel opened 5 months ago (in a historic, renovated 1920’s building) and features architecture that shows off the gorgeous beach views and atmosphere of this lively city.

While you're in Miami, why don't you take a step out of time? The breathtaking Vizcaya Museum and Gardens features an Italian Renaissance-style villa and gardens set on Biscayne Bay, built around 1914. At Vizcaya you can spend hours browsing the vast collection of European antiques and wandering the labyrinthine grounds adorned with with fountains, pools and lush greenery. If you get hungry, you can stop at the cafe for lunch.

After experiencing the tranquil surroundings of Vizcaya it's time to pick up the pace and take a trip to South Beach. The classic party destination can be explored during the day to reveal sparkling beaches and beautifully-maintained Art Deco architecture. Take a walking tour, then settle in to a nice spot in the sand for some fascinating people-watching.

Just 300 miles from Cuba, no visit to Miami is complete without paying homage to its historically Cuban population.  At the time, Miami's Little Havana was meant as a home away from home for immigrants who fled Fidel Castro could find the things they pined for back in Cuba. Now you can step into a shop and smell the deep aroma of Cuban-style cigars, or stop at a street stall for a reading by a local Santero spiritualist. Something special is bound to catch your eye in Little Havana.


One of the best locations in Miami to both shop and be inspired is the Miami Design District. The diverse colors and vibes of the city provide a bright influence that travels all the way to the merchandise. With a mix of both higher end retailers such as Miu Miu and newer designers, there’s also something here for everyone to love.

Irish retailer Loewe’s (who has been around a whopping 169 years) even recently opened their first American shop here with an amazing centerpiece of, “ Spanish granary from the 18th century that was transported and rebuilt inside the space piece by piece.”

Maison Martin Margiela also has a gorgeous store in this section of the city with a classic, European feel. Detailed tile and molded walls in a soothing color palette decorate the space that offers everything from menswear to fragrances.
Eat and Drink
It's fun to find the quirky "hole in the wall" spots in Miami. For a more authentic Miami experience try somewhere like Café Nuvo in South Beach, The Cuban-Gothic inspired interiors have a great patina and the Mediterranean inspired menu is varied as is their Mojito menu.
For a less "Miami" experience, but wonderful nonetheless, we were endlessly impressed by the service, ambiance and food and drink at STK at the ONE Hotel.
Stay tuned for more travel tips from the ARRiCCi team.

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