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Here at Arricci, we take the chance to explore the world every chance we get. It doesn't always have to be an around-the-world affair (though we admit we might like those best) – there are small adventures to be had all over, every day. Are you the kind of girl who goes out of the way to explore a new city off the beaten path? Do you notice small details and see beauty in things other might ignore? Are you always asking, “Where next?” We relate.

Our footwear reflects the same worldly curiosity. To be punny, at Arricci, we walk the walk. Our footwear is designed in California and made in Brazil. With it's iconic national parks, acclaimed Pacific beaches and bustling cityscapes, California was the obvious choice for Arricci to call home. Here, mountains meet sea, desert meets metropolis and the laid-back pace constantly inspires us to get out and explore!

When considering where to produce the Arricci line we felt strongly it be crafted in a country where the art of shoe making was alive and well and considered a craftsmanship. With a familial connection to South America, Brazil felt like home. We were fortunate enough to work with a father and son team to bring our collections to life and we know their generations of passion for their work is reflected in the quality and craftsmanship of our footwear. Instead of asking yourself when you'll get a chance to go home and change your painful shoes, in Arricci you'll be out and about asking #WearNext.

Our designs are made for the woman on the go, who wants to look sleek both running around town and relaxing on the beach. At Arricci, we design shoes you can wear to work in the morning straight out for drinks later on without having to go home and change in between. Our blend of great fashion and smart function comes together to create chic footwear styled for women who share a sense of adventure.

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you'll follow along with our journeys big and small as we share them with you right here!

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